True worship is a heart-felt response to a true vision of God. When we fully see, hear and understand what God has
done for us in Christ, it is only appropriate that we respond passionately about our glorious God! This means that we
use the gift of music, instruments and audio visual to assist us in singing a variety of Bible saturated and God-centered
songs (Col 3:16). Obviously, worship is more than just singing, it encompasses the whole of our lives, but there is no
doubt that God has gifted the church with music and songs to help awaken, deepen and direct our affections for Jesus.


Because we are a church with a high view of Scripture we believe in fervent and relevant expository preaching.
Every Sunday the Bible will be opened and the text will be preached in such a way that God’s word is pressed upon
our minds and hearts (2 Tim 3:15-16).


Being a church also means being a family and so we strive to do ministry more as a household and less like
an organisation (2 Tim 3:15). A huge priority for us is that all our children are taught from the Bible at an
age-appropriate level. We have chosen the Gospel Project as our curriculum because it not only covers
the entire Bible in 3 years, but each week we learn how each story fits into the one big story of the Bible,
with Jesus as the hero. In our lessons we place a strong emphasis on learning Bible skills (so they can learn
how to read the Word at home), Scripture memorisation (so they can bring the Word to mind at all times) and big idea
applications (to understand how the Word applies to us today).

GLO: God’s Little Ones (Age 1-6) – Stay with parents for worship until dismissed (AM service).
GIG: Growing in God (Grd 1-7) – Meet at CG House for the duration of the AM service.
VOX (Grd 6-12) – Meet at CG House on Friday nights 7-9PM (during school terms).
The mothers room and small kids play room (GLO room) are always available.


Our community groups meet mid-week (7-9pm) in various homes around PE to connect, grow and share
around the Gospel. We would really encourage you to join one of these groups, as it is a great place to feel part of the Covenant Grace community.
Contact the church office for more details.


CG supports various different organizations in and around PE. Our aim is not to function as a traditional missions department because all Christians are called to love the Lord and their neighbours no matter what their context. We believe that being missional is not an optional service or activity reserved for full-time missionaries, but rather an integral part of what it means to be a Christ follower.

We don’t want to be a people who retreat from our city nor be above or against it; rather we want to engage our city with the gospel of Christ. We need to be reminded that the gospel is not just an individual encounter but that its influence is to spill over into our everyday lives; be it family, work or leisure. In everything we do, we are working and praying for a Christ-centred restoration of all things. Our aim, therefore, is to bring glory to God by helping people to engage in both personal involvement and sacrificial contributions to various non-profit organizations within our city.

We are currently providing support to the following groups:
Zanethemba Charity Foundation (baby home) – www.zanethemba.org.za
Heart for Alternatives Pregnancy Crisis Center – www.joytothenations.co.za/heart
Buffelsfontein Old Age Home (Grocery Ministry)
Love Story (inner-city feeding program) – www.lovestory.org.za
There4 Ministries (equipping persecuted Christians) – https://there4ministries.org